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Big Island Experience

Quick Details

Fly over the most active volcano in the world, Kilauea!

Key points about this tour:

• Fly over the most active volcano in the world, Kilauea, which has been continuously flowing for over 30 years and inspires awe every day
• While on the East Side of the Island, you will be treated to views of Hawai’i Islands largest city, Hilo
• Your Private journey continues along the Hamakua Coastline with wave-swept shorelines, tropical rainforest and hundreds of waterfalls
• Upon reaching the Kohala Coast, there are several majestic and sacred valleys to explore
• Deep in the back of the valleys, where only helicopters can reach, are over 2000’ waterfalls that you can hover right next to as you gaze at their power and beauty
• As you cross over the Kohala Mountain, you will cruise over the Gold Coast