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Volcano Express: Kona Departure

Quick Details

A carefully planned route designed to showcase 3 of the Big Island’s top highlights

You’re standing on what feels like the top of the world as a surreal landscape engulfs you. Here, at the top of the Kilauea volcano, a patchwork of jagged rocks, boulders, and craggy outcroppings are the result of ancient volcanic eruptions. Renowned scientists and scholars have stood in your footsteps before, studying this active volcano said to be governed by the Hawaiian Goddess of Fire, Pele. It is a humbling experience that fills you with a deep sense of respect for the power and unpredictability of nature. This is the heart of Hawaiʻi — its volcanoes — and you are feeling its pulse in the company of your small group of friends or family for a memory that will last a lifetime.

Meal locations and tour stops are subject to change.


Fresh Deli-Style Lunch To-Go Style in one of our luxury Mercedes Sprinter vans to maximize time at the sights.

Lunch: Savor lunch on the go with an oven-roasted turkey breast sandwich on Punalu’u Hawaiian Sweet Rolls with Waipoli butter lettuce, island-style kettle chips, and freshly baked locally sourced macadamia nut tart to finish.

*Vegetarian and vegan options available. Please call reservations to notify any specific dietary restrictions.