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Big Island Highlights Day Tour

Quick Details

Welcome to paradise

Immerse yourself in the best of the Big Island’s sights, microclimates, and traditions as well as gourmet food and beverages on this full-day all-inclusive tour. Allow us to take care of all your needs from hotel pickup and drop-off and catered meals to a carefully planned route with thoughtfully curated stops. This is the Big Island you’ve been dreaming of — a destination where breathtaking landscapes and millennia of culture combine to create a day of connection with land and people.

*Gourmet Catered Breakfast and Coffee Tasting and Lunch at Local Winery and Tea Farm included.

Meal locations and tour stops are subject to change.


Breakfast and Lunch are both included on this tour. Each meal is served individually to comply with sanitary standards. Pre-orders are not necessary but please let us know if guests have any dietary restrictions.

Breakfast: Sip rich Kona coffee and enjoy your Island-Style Breakfast at an acclaimed mountain roaster. Breakfast consists of a yogurt parfait made with locally sourced granola, an array of fresh seasonal fruits, and a slice of banana bread.

Lunch: Savor lunch alongside locally grown and processed tastings at a private tea farm and winery. Enjoy an entree of chicken breast on a bed of orzo pasta accompanied by roasted vegetables and topped with a creamy caper, lemon, and rosemary sauce. For dessert enjoy a freshly baked locally sourced macadamia nut tart.

*Vegetarian and vegan options available. Please call reservations to notify any specific dietary restrictions.